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Model Verb: Use of Would, Would be, Would Have, Would Have Been

Model Verb: Use of Would, Would be, Would Have, Would Have Been

Would is an auxiliary verb- a modal auxiliary verb. We use would mainly to,

  • Talk about the past.
  • Talk about the future in the past.
  • Express the conditional mood.

We also use would for other functions such as:

  • Expressing desire, polite requests and ,opinion or hope wish and regret.

Structure of would,

The basic structure for would is ,

Subject+would+main verb

Use of would : we  often use would as a kind of past tense of will or going to,


  1. I thought it would rain so I brought my umbrella.
  2. He said that mom would go to USA.
  3. He hoped that he would pass.
  4. She thought that she would sing a song.

2. Using would to make requests, polite.

“would” is  the auxiliary verb in conditional but may also be used when we make requests in english, unlike will using , would is, much more polite way to make your request to someone in English.

Example 1.would you help me cook dinner please?

2.would you help me?

3.would you lend me your pen?

Past habit

We can use would to talk about repeated past action that do not happen any more.

Past habit with would

Example 1 when we were young our mother would cook delicious meals every day.

2.every weekend I would take a long bike ride during summer vacation.

3.when  I was little  I  would play with my toys.

4.she would drink.

We can use would preference for choice;

Example 1, I would rather take coffee than tea.

2.he would rather play cricket than football.

3.I would rather cook than wash the dishes.

4.we would rather not go to the cinema to night.

5.we would rather stay at home to night

we can use wish +would and wish /desire.

Example 1.I wish/ I would that I were a king !

2.I wish/I would that I were a bird!

3.I wish / Sarah would come.

Would present /past we can use unreal / imagination.

Example 1.if I were a bird ,I would fly to you.

2 .if he had visited Agra,he would have been the Taj Mahal.

Would like.

We use would like to say politely what we want especially when making offers and requests.

Example. 1 .would you like a biscuit with your coffee?.

2.Would you like to listen  to that again

3.would you like some rice?

4.would you like to dance?

We can use for determination/Intension.

Example1. I would abolish the corruption.

2.I would do this work.

3.whatever many happen , I would do it.

[Would be for probability and guess]

Example 1, she would be about twenty.

2, she would be sleeping now.

3, I would [may/might/could] go to jaipur.

[We can use would be for passive voice]

Sub+would be +verb3+by+object

Example 1,He thought that a letter would be written by tom.

2,I thought that the train would be robbed.

[We can use would be for continuous form]

Subject+would be+v1+ing+obj

Example, 1.He thought that Tom would be reading.

2,he told me that shayam would be going to USA.

We use Would be[subject+would be+noun/adjective…

Example.1 He would be a doctor.

2.she would be Ravi’s sister.

3 Nike would be going to Delhi.

1.We use would have as the past tense of will have.

2, we also use would have in conditionals to talk about something that did not happen in the past.


Example.1.I phone at six ’o clock, I knew he would have got ho

me by then.

  1. it was half past five,Dad would have finished work.

3.I thought that Tom would have written a letter.

We can use would have for possibility…

Example,1,joy would have reached Delhi.

  1. tom would have written a letter.

We can use for conditional sentence…

Example,1. If he had worked hard, he would have passed.

2.if he had visited Agra ,he would have seen the Taj mahal.

We can use would have been for passive voice.


Sub+would have been+v3+by+o].

Example,1, he told me that the match have been played.

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